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After suffering a debilitating injury in a bike accident an individual may find several unexpected challenges. When a sudden accident caused by another’s negligence affects you financially, emotionally, and physically, a Michigan bike accident lawyer at Michigan Injury Attorneys is prepared to inform you of your legal rights and options. For information on whether you have a case to pursue compensation, please contact us at (734) 680-8630 for a no-cost consultation.

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Dealing with Serious Injuries

Injured in an Ann Arbor biking accident?

Bike riders are especially vulnerable to severe injury. Aside from a helmet, a cyclist is not protected from the impact of a motor vehicle and a helmet may not be able to protect a rider from injury in a serious accident. As a result, many cyclists suffer major injuries.

The months and years following a bicycle collision are often difficult for a person as well as his or her family members. To recover from an injury, especially one that is catastrophic, an individual may acquire steep medical fees for hospitalization, medication, surgery, physical therapy, counseling, and other expenses. Depending on the severity of the injury, an accident survivor may require construction at their home to accommodate for wheel chair accessibility or a specific disability. While many injured bicyclists are able to return to work after some time off to heal, many others cannot carry out the same job duties as before or may not be able to work ever again.

Unfortunately, these are only some of the many consequences that recklessness can cause.

Finding the Right Solution for Compensation

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Michigan Injury Attorneys dedicates its work to helping clients find the best course of action for their specific situation. In getting to know our clients, we can help them understand their options so that they are involved in the steps towards justice. Because we have handled numerous personal injury cases, we are prepared to handle insurance companies and defense lawyers.

When building an effective case for our clients, we evaluate the circumstances of the accident in relation to the extent of the injuries sustained. It is important that our clients receive full compensation for past and future damages associated with their injuries. We may consult with medical experts as well as professionals in the field of accident reconstruction. All of the investigations and evidence contribute to the strategies applied to helping our clients get the best case outcome as possible.

For more information on how we have assisted other clients in the past, please read our Testimonials and Case Results. We also invite you to fill out a contact form or call us to learn more about how you may be able to get the money that you deserve.


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