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Car Accident in Michigan?

We often take driving for granted. Yet all it takes is the senseless act of one careless driver to change your life in an instant and cause unaffordable medical bills, lost wages, and physical harm that nobody is ever prepared for. All too often motor vehicle accidents cause innocent drivers months, if not years of pain, frustration, and financial difficulty.

Like most folks, you probably didn’t plan to ever reach out to a lawyer. But the truth is that if you are the unfortunate victim of a motor vehicle accident, you need legal help. Michigan law is complex, but can be a powerful tool for injured victims. Michigan has recently passed many significant laws that may impact your rights and your ability to be fairly compensated. Let us help you navigate the unique challenges of your case and make the most of the intricate and often helpful Michigan laws. Contact us today for a free and comprehensive evaluation of your case.

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Be sure of one thing – the insurance company is not your friend. Do not expect an insurance company, not even your own, to look after you or your family. The insurance claims adjusters and attorneys work with one goal in mind: limiting if not eliminating your compensation. Often, the insurance company seeks to settle cases at amounts far less than what the law allows an injured victim recover. Do not help the insurance company by volunteering information that will only be used to reject your claim. Don’t go into this alone. We will fight for you for the compensation that you deserve.

Help from an Accident Lawyer in Michigan

Ann Arbor Car Accident Law Firm

From our offices in Ann Arbor, Novi and Plymouth, we offer elite representation for regular, well deserving victims of motor vehicle accidents. If you were hurt due to a negligent driver, contact us today – you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries damages, and our proven and aggressive lawyers are ready to serve you.

We understand that every case is different. Every client has unique problems and challenges, and always a very personal story.

We will tirelessly fight for you and help build a compelling case that maximizes the monetary amount to which you may be entitled for your injuries, including:

  • medical expenses;
  • property damage;
    lost wages;
    pain and suffering;
    loss of enjoyment of life;
    physical impairment; and
  • other damages you and your family sustained.

The Benefits of Working with Our Ann Arbor Firm

As a member of our firm’s family, you’ll receive not only the powerful resources of our firm, but also personalized and compassionate support of people who care about your progress, your recovery, and justice for your case. Your case will not be lost in the shuffle – we represent a limited number of clients to ensure that we are always available and that your case is always at the forefront.

We Promise:

Extensive experience with Michigan personal injury claims.
Personalized service regardless of the size of the claim.

Commitment to serve our clients – every case is of vital importance to us and we only succeed when our clients do. We give personal attention to each case and communicate with our clients consistently, updating them on case progress and providing support wherever and whenever possible;

Trial experience

Contingent payment structure – you don’t pay any legal fees unless you win your case or receive a settlement, which means that you can dramatically reduce the financial risk to you in an already challenging financial situation.

Michigan law is clear – when you’ve been in an accident due to the fault of another, you deserve to be made whole. Whether it’s getting a fair settlement from your insurance company, or holding a negligent driver responsible for your life altering injuries, our skilled and seasoned Denver personal injury attorneys will be your helpful guide and powerful advocate. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

Michigan Motor Vehicle Accident Causes

There are thousands of Michigan motor vehicle accident incidents each year, and tragically, some of them end with fatal consequences. Motor vehicle accidents can involve any number or variety of motor vehicles that are used in Michigan:

  • buses or other means of mass transportation;
  • Large commercial trucks, trailer-tractors, and 18-wheelers;
  • standard passenger vehicles

Michigan has a complicated roadway system involving a mix of large urban areas with aggressive and inattentive drivers, as well as a number of mountainous and narrow county roadways that drivers don’t respect or pay proper attention to. Serious injuries happen often from crashes involving passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and large trucks on our Michigan roadways.

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