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Birth Injuries Can Be Caused By Easily Avoidable Medical Malpractice

Birth injuries – medical malpractice.  Michigan Child Birth Injury Attorneys are experienced in proving Medical Malpractice or Medical Negligence committed during delivery causes debilitating, long-term physical disabilities and birth injuries to the mother, the newborn or both. Attorneys can prove in trial that Negligent child birth, or simply “Birth Injuries,” often result in brain damage, nerve damage, fractured bones, and many other types of very serious physical injuries to an otherwise totally health child.

  • Common Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Malpractice
    • Cerebral palsy (CP)
    • Erb’s Palsy and associated nerve damages
    • Brain Damage and associated Mental Retardation
    • Spinal injuries Which often lead to loss of motor skills or/or paralysis
    • Extensive Fractures
    • Liver and Kidney Damage
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How Do Ann Arbor Attorneys Prove that Medical Malpractice Specifically Cause Birth Injuries?


Attorneys show that when a child’s brain in deprived of oxygen during the delivery process (Fetal Hypoxia Syndrome) from a birth injury caused by avoidable medical malpractice on the part of the delivery Doctor and Nursing Staff, tragically the typical result to the child is brain damage-from very limited damage to full Mental Retardation depending on the duration of the hypoxia suffered. This Fetal Hypoxia Syndrome is also what causes otherwise health children to develop the debilitating condition called Cerebral Palsy. This common Birth Injury combination is a medical nightmare, as there is not any chance of a “cure” for Cerebral Palsy on the horizon, and the damages children have no hope of living with any real quality of life. Perhaps the worst part of this already incredibly tragic set of circumstances is the fact that the birth injury is often medically avoidable. The high level of prenatal medical technology makes any type of fetal distress relatively easy to monitor and once the Health Care Professionals notice any sign of Fetal Distress, they should immediately call for an emergency Cesarean Section to protect the child and ensure that their brain is receiving the proper amount of oxygen.

What Can Be Done to Avoid a Birth Injury During the Delivery Process?

Once any signs of fetal distress are identified, the Health Care Providers have many medical options at their disposal to either completely avoid the injury or mitigate the damages or injuries that may have already occurred.

However, according to a comprehensive report published in The New England Journal of Medicine, Doctors rarely, if ever, admit to causing the birth injury, or even informing the parents that a birth injury occurred in the hope that the child’s birth Injuries and subsequent associated disabilities from delivery are not identified or discovered by Attorneys until several years later when the child starts to miss their developmental milestones. Many Michigan Child Birth Injury Attorneys have stories of informing “shocked” parents who had no idea that the Doctor who delivered their child caused a significant disability due to being negligent during the delivery.

What Birth Injuries Damage the Nerves of the Child?

Birth Injuries can cause damage to the nerves of the newborn’s upper body and upper extremities. A common Birth Injury that causes nerve damage to the child’s upper extremities is called Erb’s Palsy. This debilitating condition that is caused by Medical Negligence during the delivery, affects the child’s brachial plexus, which is the area of nerves that run up the sides of the child’s body. The Child’s feelings and ability to move their hands, arms, shoulders and upper backs are controlled through the Plexus. The Child who has been the victim of a birth injury and has Erb’sPalsy as a result, experience symptoms of paralysis, weakness, numbness and lack of feelings in the upper extremities which was damaged by the brachial plexus birth injuries.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) describes a group of conditions of the brain and nervous system that impairs function like movement, cognitive impairment, sight, and hearing loss. CP is a disability resulting from a lack of oxygen to the brain before, during or shortly after birth. CP is often associated with: prematurity, bleeding in the brain, brain infections, head injury, infections in the mother during pregnancy, and severe jaundice. However, in many cases, the cause is the direct result of negligent medical care, or a mistake made by your doctor, midwife or nurse during the birth process.


Despite the fact that Michigan Child Birth Injury Attorneys report that many of the injuries are often avoidable, children continue to be born with the same avoidable birth injuries year in and year out. You need an Attorney who will fight tenaciously to assess liability onto the Health Care Providers who were guilty of the Birth Injury that caused the child’s physical damages.

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